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The Real Ibiza. Wellness Retreats. Mind to heart.

  The Real Ibiza. Wellness Retreats. Mind, Yoga, BodyWork & Hiking 5 days Retreat /Retiros de Bienestar. Mente, Yoga, BodyWork & andar. Retiro de 5 días…

Ibicine 2019 en Ibiza

  Ibicine 2019 en Ibiza por Ibiza AList

YOGA MEDITATIONS: Transcendental Meditation

  Transcendental meditation is often confused with Vedic meditation, a type of Hindu meditation. They follow similar practices and were both founded by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, an Indian sage from the 20th century.


  Vedic meditation is essentially the same thing as Transcendental meditation, without the formal trademark. (If Transcendental meditation is name-brand Kleenex, then vedic meditation is a store-brand tissue.) Just like TM, vedic meditation is designed f