Marco Bassi Interview


He has brought a new sound to the Ibiza scene and with the interview above you will find out how he expects to keep working on  growing it in Ibiza.

Why Sankeys? 
Because I think that by now it represents the Underground club par excellence. I don’t think there is another similar reality in Ibiza. Also, the owner David Vincent made us immediately feel at home and I hope this will continue for the next few years.

ow do you choose your DJs?
We always try to do our best in terms of musical quality, our line ups are for a very underground niche audience, that personally represents us very much. We are always looking for talented young people like Janina, Frank Storm and Federico Grazzini who are our residents and are giving us great satisfaction.

Define Unusual Suspects in three words.
Big Crazy Family.


Marco Bassi, we like your music and hope that you will stay with us in Ibiza for very long!.