International Day of Happiness


It was only recently that people started coming in order to enjoy themselves and to escape their routines. They come here to be happy. Today, it's the International Day of Happiness, and we're looking at some of the reasons why that's the case. What makes you happy?

Many people appreciate nature for what it is, being where we came from. Being surrounded by it, we absorb its essence and let it run through our spirit. Our beaches, our mountains and forests, they ooze peace and tranquility, which we all need in our busy lives.

Plenty of people are happy with sports as well, given that there is a wide variety of sea based sports, like sailing, kite surf, paddle surf, kayak, and others. Besides sea based sports, Ibiza is working on its trekking routes, as well as cycling routes, and even triathlons.

And of course, during the summer, we encounter many people after the local clubbing scene, who love music and dancing.

Whatever makes you happy, you will find it in Ibiza.