Ibizan Cuisine Restaurants

Ibizan cuisine is quite distinct from the traditional food served in mainland Spain. Although restaurants and bars in Ibiza serve traditional Spanish food as well, there are some restaurants that specialise in local, traditional Ibizan cuisine too. Take a look at some of the traditional Ibizan cuisine you can enjoy on the beautiful island of Ibiza....


Ibizan Starters  

Below are two popular starters to get your taste buds watering.


Ensalada Payesa -

This lovely salad is made from potatoes, roasted peppers, boiled eggs, onions, fresh tomatoes and olives.



Sobrasada -

Sobrasada is made from the lean meat of the pig and some belly pork, all minced and mixed with paprika, salt and spices. Its then spread thickly onto slices of toasted fresh bread.




Ibizan Main Dishes

Are you hungry yet? Check out some of these main courses that you can also enjoy on the island too.


Arroz De Matanza

– Arroz De Matanza is one of the most distinctive dishes from Ibiza’s gastronomic history. It was traditionally made once a year, during December after the locals had slaughtered a pig to feed them through the winter months. It consists of rice, pork, and herbs, covered in a rich sauce. It is served daily in many Ibizan restaurants and is a firm favourite with tourists and locals alike.



Sofrit Pages –

This dish is made up of lamb, chicken, pork, sobrasada and potatoes prepared in a large skillet with spices and garlic. It’s a dish for meat lovers and is very filling.


Ibizan Deserts

If you have enough room left after the above, you seriously need to order one of these delicious Ibizan deserts.


Flao –

Flao, a traditional Ibizan desert, is made from eggs, fresh cheese, aniseed, and mint leaves. Its usually eaten as a desert or as an accompaniment to a cup of coffee.



Orelletes –

These sweet biscuits get their name because of their shape – they are shaped like ears. They are made with flour, lemon zest and aniseed, which is then fried in oil and dipped in sugar. They were traditionally eaten at Easter but are now eaten all year round.



Ibizan Cuisine Restaurants

So now you know what you can eat, we need to tell you where to eat! We want you to be able to enjoy the absolute best Ibizan cuisine while you are here, so we have composed a small list of our favourite restaurants that are just a little bit different to their competitors. Enjoy!


Es Celler De Can Pere

Celler de Can Pere first opened over 50 years ago and the décor is still in the same traditional style, although it is now a lot bigger than it first was. The restaurant is popular for its traditional ‘Ibicenco’ cooking as well as the suburb international fish and meat dishes also on offer. It is a friendly, family ran business and Father and sons work together preparing the dishes and serving the customers. The restaurant is also known for its fine and vast selection of wines. For more information visit:


Ca Na Ribes

Ca Na Ribes is set in a beautiful courtyard garden in Santa Eulalia. It first opened in 1926 and not only was it a place to get good food, but it also acted as a barber shop as well. The Restaurant is a firm favourite amongst the locals and specialises in traditional Ibizan and Spanish dishes using the most succulent and fresh ingredients. The dishes are very generous, and you can choose to dine in outside terrace, in the indoor rustic dining area, or in the internal plant-lined terrace with fountain, or if you prefer, in the cafe terrace, which is the front entrance to the restaurant on Carrer San Vicente. You can find out opening hours and location by visiting -




El Pulpo

El Pulpo, which translates into English as ‘the Octopus’ is situated right on the beachfront of Talamanca. The house specialities are dishes of seafood and grilled meats. The Island’s famous fish stew ‘Bullit De Peix’ is one of the restaurants most popular dishes and Ibizan’s and tourists will travel across the island to dine here. El Pulpo often have live music as entertainment to enjoy while you eat and you can choose to dine under the canopy at the front of the restaurant, or inside. It's located on Talamanca beach which makes an amazing location in summer. The atmosphere is fun and funky. A great choice for all the family.


Es Celleret

The first thing that stands Es Celleret out from the crowd is the fact it is built in one of the old traditional Ibizan houses in Santa Eulalia. The wooden beams and the stone walls make an amazing décor and ambience in which to dine in. It is a unique experience that adds to the delicious food served. The restaurant specializes in traditional Ibizan and Spanish cuisine and has the best collection of wines on the island. Their selection of traditional Ibizan dishes is one of the most extensive and many of the chefs have learned the recipes from their families, secret ingredients that have been passed down through the generations. Es Celleret is well worth a visit. Discover opening hours and location here:


Now you know the best places to eat traditional food and we have even given you some tips on dishes you could order. We can’t choose between the restaurants listed above because they’re all great, so why not visit them all and see if you can pick a favourite.