Ibiza Events of Traditional Gastronomy


Traditional Gastronomy Events in Ibiza


Food, glorious food. Did you know that Ibiza is renowned for it's gastronomy and the island hold annual events in honour of their local cuisine and traditional cooking methods? The island is famous for Ibizan dishes such as Sofrit Pages (Balearic stew with meat and vegetables) Sobrassada & Botifarra (Balearic Sausages) Arroz de Matanzas (rice, meat, saffron and mushrooms) Paellas de Marisco (seafood paella) Bullit de Peix (fish stew) Parrillada de Pescado (seafood mixed grill) and Flaons (filled pastries of local goat or sheep's cheese with almonds) to name but a few.


Lots of these fairs and events have been taking place for many years and the secrets of the cooking methods and techniques have been handed down through the generations since the time that families relied upon fishing, growing their own vegetables and rearing their own animals. In fact, this way of life is still common for many locals on the island of Ibiza and these gastronomical events allow visitors to see a side to Ibiza that one would not otherwise indulge in without knowing such fairs were taking place.


We're guessing you're feeling really hungry now and your mouth is watering so we've composed a list of all the fabulous gastronomy events happening in Ibiza throughout the year. Whether you are a local, a tourist or just inquisitive, we're sure you will find one food fiesta that you definitely wont want to miss.


Traditional Slaughter Rice Championship – Sant Antoni, January


This is probably one of the most fun events on the island. Teams from all over the island and compete against each other in order to cook the best dish using the given ingredients, which always include rice. It's a really popular day and crowds gather to sample the succulent dishes as well as get together with local friends, family and tourists alike. Keep updated on #FoodFiestaEvents Signing up to IbizaAlistNews


Ibiza traditional  Food Events


Fira De Artesania – Puig de Missa, February

This adorable craft fair brings together over 50 local artisans that sell all their locally produced food, handicrafts and fair trade products. Many of those that take part also demonstrate how they prepare and cook the food, make some of the crafts and are often in traditional dress as well. An event not to be missed if you love learning about tradition - Keep updated on #FoodFiestaEvents Signing up to IbizaAlistNews


Feria Artesania Sta Eulalia Ibiza


Fira des Gerret – Santa Eulalia, March

This quirky event is organised by the fisherman's association of Ibiza and focuses on the picarel (a local small fish caught on the shores of Ibiza) The fish are presented in a wide variety of ways, from the traditional to the more innovative. The entire town gather around the food stands to see, sample and purchase the delights on display and one gets a reel feel of a community spirit while there. Sound good? Find out a little more using this link – Keep updated on #FoodFiestaEvents Signing up to IbizaAlistNews.


Festival Gastronomic De Sa Sepia – Sant Joan, March

Sepia, or cuttlefish as it's known in English, comes into season during March and during this festival a contest is held to see who can produce the best dish using the sepia as it's main ingredient. Local restaurants also take part and offer special dishes using the sepia too and usually at a discounted price which means you get to enjoy the festival and follow on with an amazing meal at one of the local restaurants. Find out what restaurants take part and what is on offer during the day by visiting – Keep updated on #FoodFiestaEvents Signing up to IbizaAlistNews


Fira De La Llagosta, La Gamba I El Peix – Sant Antoni, April

This fair is held in the Sant Antoni harbour and chefs from all over the island demonstrate how they cook and prepare local taps using prawns and lobsters caught from the island's shores. If visitors want to find out more they have the option of taking a boat trip to visit the Cova de ses llagostes, which is an aquarium and recovery centre for a wide variety of marine species. It's an interesting day out and if you enjoy seafood you will love this event. You can discover more info on #FoodFiestaEvents Signing up to IbizaAlistNews.



Jornadas Gastronomicas #IbizaSabor20 – various locations, April/May & October/November

This event takes place in over 40 restaurants all over the island and the restaurants take part by serving traditional as well as innovative dishes using only local produce. There is also the option of taking excursions to wineries, organic farms, oil mills and other places of interest. To find out what's happening where click – Sign up to IbizaAlistNews


Fira Del Moll I Piexos De Tardor, various locations, October

This event is held in various restaurants across the island to allow visitors the opportunity to taste the seasonal autumn fish such as red mullet, dogfish and the greater amberjack. Chefs prepare a wide variety of tapas, stews, paellas and grills that are both traditional and with a modern twist. If this event tingles your taste buds .

Fira des Calamar – Sant Carles, October

This event celebrates the fish Calamar, or squid as it's known in English and the streets of Sant Carles are filled with stalls offering over 20 different tapas dishes with calamar as the main ingredient. Thousands of locals and visitors turn up to sample the delights and there are also stalls offering local wines and other Ibizan beverages too. All the Calamar is caught by local fishermen and is as fresh as it could possible be. Do you fancy visiting? Get all the info here – IbizaAlistNews


Fira Des Calamar traditional ibiza Food events


We're sure you have already headed to the kitchen at least once while reading this article and probably want to experience every event we've listed. However, you don't have to wait to enjoy the delights of Ibizan gastronomy. Are you visiting the island and there isn't a fair happening? Well, don't panic because you can discover many restaurants on the island that are worth a visit.

If you're in Ibiza during January to March then check out the gastro Jueves and find where you can eat some great dishes for half price. Keep updated on #FoodFiestaEvents Signing up to IbizaAlistNews

No visit to Ibiza is ever going to be complete without embracing the wonderful gastronomy on offer and hopefully we have helped you on your way to enjoying a food experience unlike any other.


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