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On November 16, the last stage of Ibicine, the Ibiza film festival, will take place in Santa Eulalia, with two unmissable events.

At 17 hours in the theater of Spain there will be the final in which the eight short candidates will be screened to win the Astarte Audience Award and whose winner will be chosen with the votes of those attending the screening.

At 20 hours the gala ceremony of the Astarte de Ibicine Awards will be held at the Ibiza Congress Center, in Santa Eulalia presented by actress and humorist Eva Soriano.

Several of the short films nominated in the different categories of this edition of Ibicine bring behind them a long track record of awards and nominations at other national and international festivals. Five of them, in addition, have been shortlisted for the Goya Awards in their latest editions.

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This reflects the quality and high level of the short films presented to the Ibiza Film Festival, Ibicine, which, in the words of its director Helher Escribano reflects “the good work that is being done not only at the festival - both by the committee of selection as by the jury - but above all for the great work that is being done in the cinema of this country.

The red carpet of the gala will be a catwalk for many guests, among which Cayetana Guillén Cuervo, Vicky Luengo, Javier Pereira and Laia Manzanares and more than 120 people are expected to enjoy the closing ceremony, as well as a large audience that has reserved their tickets from outside of the island.

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Tickets for the Astarte Awards ceremony were sold out within 2 weeks of the event. However, since the organization of the Festival they recommend to people who have not been able to reserve their invitation to go to the Congress Palace at 8pm to see the red carpet show.

If it is possible to still get invitations for the final in which the eight short candidates will be screened to win the Astarte Award from the public.


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