Where to eat Tapas in Sta Eulalia , Ibiza?


Tapas Restaurants in Ibiza

Gastronomy plays a massive part in Ibiza and there are an abundance of food fiestas that happen in various parts of the island throughout the year in appreciation of the culinary delights Ibiza has to offer. Tapas are a huge part of Spanish culture and are made up of small dishes that usually consist of seafood, cured hams, tortilla or meats or vegetables. The plates are placed in the middle of the table and the diners share them. The word tapa translates as 'cover' and traditionally a piece of complimentary ham would be served over a glass of wine and some tapas bars still serve a small tapa for free if you're having a glass of beer or wine at their establishment.


The Origin of Tapas

Tapas originated in Andalucia, in Southern Spain and one version of how tapas became so popular derides from a law that was introduced. When Spanish King Alfonso the 10th had an illness, as part of his treatment he had to drink wine with small amounts of food in-between his main meals. When he had recovered he made it a law that nobody could drink alcohol without a small plate of food because many poor workers would not eat during the day but drink cheap wine and get drunk. This could explain why most of the Spanish always accompany tapas with a nice bottle of wine or two or an ice cold beer.

Ibizan Tapas

Traditional Ibizan tapas are called Pinchos. Pinchos are essentially small Basque tapas served on crusty bread. The bread is drizzled with olive oil and topped with food such as salted cod, bacalao with peppers, tortilla or goats cheese. But most tapas bars serve traditional tapas from all over Spain. There are an abundance of tapas bars in Ibiza, but we've selected a few of our favourites for you to try out and each of our restaurant suggestions comes with their own individuality which make them unique and stand out from the crowd.


Juanito Restaurant

Located in Santa Eulalia Del Rio, Juanito restaurant has been owned and ran in the family for over 200 years. They are well known all over the island for their fresh and delicious seafood, which they serve as main meals as well as in a wide variety of tapas dishes. The restaurant has an outside terrace dining area, but it's quite a small and intimate place so its advisable to arrive early if you specifically want to eat outside. Their prices are very reasonable and the menu is very vast and varied. For contact details, location and information visit:

tapas restaurant in Santa eulalia

Es Celleret

the main thing that sets this restaurant out from its other competitors is the fact its designed as a tavern and the interior décor is outstanding. This quiet little gem has a great reputation for the quality of their tapas and their portions are also very generous as well. The restaurant is located in the heart of Santa Eulalia's main restaurant area known as 'Restaurant Street' but you can't miss the outstanding beauty of the building, along with the fact that its very popular and tables can get taken quite quickly during high season. However, another good thing about Es Cellerat is the fact that you're able to make a reservation, so in order to guarantee your table, we recommend you book during busy periods.



Lamonda restaurant specialises in tapas and wine, so what more can you want to enjoy the best dining experience on the island? The bar is constructed from wood and it gives off a very homely atmosphere, almost like you're eating in grandma's kitchen. If ambience is your thing, you'll love this tapas bar. Lamonda is well known for it's meatball tapas dish, completely home-made, and one plate is enough for two people to share. The cured ham, cheese and toasted bread also comes highly recommended and the sardines in olive oil tapas plate is unlike any other on the island. The vegetarians amongst you will be pleased to know the restaurant also has lots of vegetarian options on the menu and a wide variety of salads to choose from too. Find out the exact location and opening hours here:


Rincon De Pepe

Tapas with authenticity is the first thing that you'll notice about this great little tapas bar. Tapas is the signature dish of this bar and some of the tapas have a modern twist on the original dish, such as the pickled quail or the cod peppers stuffed with rabbit. If you like to experiment with your food, you'll enjoy everything on offer at Rincon De Pepe. There is an outside terrace at street level and this modern, yet traditional restaurant is a hidden treasure amongst the other bars and restaurants that line 'Restaurant Street' in Santa Eulalia. All the food available is sourced locally and the restaurant has a great reputation in Ibiza as managing to combine local cuisine with modern twists. The staff are friendly, attentive and efficient. You really don't want to miss a dining experience here while you are in Ibiza. Check out more info here:


There are so many amazing tapas restaurants to choose from it can be difficult to locate the best places that are recommended by both tourists and locals. But we think this selection meets that criteria.