After shaking up Amsterdam and Berlin, THE BUTCHER conquered another global hotspot in 2017: the high-end burger bar serves the best bloody burgers of the Balearic. Since 2012, the haute fast food of THE BUTCHER, relaxed atmosphere and distinctive persona




“As a creative concept developer, I envision and feel the places I design before they actually exist. I always create places that suit the locals but try to offer them something new at the same time. It’s extremely important to get to know the market; you can’t ignore a city and its people’s heritage. I love to develop something from the roots and pay attention to every tiny detail. Every aspect has to be captured by the same language. I’m not creating restaurants, I’m creating experiences.”

- Yossi Eliyahoo, Founder & Co-Owner of THE ENTOURAGE GROUP 


The recipe of THE BUTCHER 

Committed to serving bloody delicious burgers throughout Europe, THE BUTCHER found his sixth home on Ibiza. The burger bar situated in boutique hotel SIR Joan overlooks the well-loved Old Town of the island. True to its metropolitan home, THE BUTCHER is a full-service concept offering all-day and night haute fast food from 12.00 PM till 8.00 AM. Everything is done with the greatest craftsmanship. The “butchers” in the kitchen exclusively work with the best quality Aberdeen Angus beef. From the best meat to the selection of herbs, the fresh vegetables, the special signature sauce, right down to the homemade semi-brioche bun; THE BUTCHER constantly commits to creating the best quality burgers. 

Ibiza’s haute fast food menu consists of all THE BUTCHER classics: the glorious ‘THE BUTCHER’ Angus beef burger, the notorious ‘The Ugly’, the ‘Silence of the Lambs’, ‘THE BUTCHER’s Wife's Favourite’ chicken burger, ‘The Codfather’ fish and chips and ‘The Veggie Delight’. THE BUTCHER will quench one’s thirst with a menu of homemade milkshakes. 


For the design of THE BUTCHER Ibiza, award winning architects BARANOWITZ + KRONENBERG were inspired by the maritime life of the Balearics. The iconic Delft Blue tiles, which cover the story of THE BUTCHER, have been transformed. They bring out the essence of the new home of THE BUTCHER, where seamen tattoos, sails and navigation charts are the backdrop for a sizzling experience. 

The history of THE BUTCHER 

As of 2012, THE BUTCHER aimed to serve the best bloody burgers throughout Europe. He brought his ambition into practice with THE BUTCHER Albert Cuyp and its ‘K.I.Q’ (keep it quiet) secret kitchen. The success of this first high-end burger bar in Amsterdam led to the opening of THE BUTCHER West (2014), food truck THE BUTCHER on Wheels (2016), THE BUTCHER Berlin (2016), THE BUTCHER Nine Streets (2016), THE BUTCHER Social Club (2016), and THE BUTCHER Ibiza. The burger bar, created by serial entrepreneur Yossi Eliyahoo of THE ENTOURAGE GROUP, will not rest after this second European expansion with the upcoming THE BUTCHER Milan.