Rediscover Sant Joan hiking Morna's valley and Forn des Saig

- Starting point → Church of Sant Joan

- Approximate time → 4.50 - 5 hours

- Distance → 14.4 kilometers away

- Ramp → 289 meters vertical drop

- Landmarks → Church of Sant Joan; Bunker; Noria water extraction; Forn des Calç; Forn des Saig; Views of the island of Tagomago and the mountains north and east of the island

- Observations → This route is suitable for almost all audiences, can be made up with specific stroller for hiking, as long as whoever takes is accustomed, as it is a long route. For children walking alone, it is a long way too. No problems from 7-8 years.

We leave the village of Sant Joan in the street of Sa Cala Sant Vicent address. Upon leaving the village, we take the PM-811 road until you left, a dirt road that goes up. We continue to find the PM-811 road to Cala Sant Vicent. We follow a piece of the road to the left until the first road up to the right; at the entrance to find a dumpster. We walked up a dirt road. It is a slope that passes next to a large water container, green and left to right. We went through a high voltage booth where it says Can Vicent Serra.

We continue along the path before us and left, we stand and a small path. We find another intersection and follow the road to the right. We will see a sign bike and hiking trail. We walked up the main road and when we get to the crossing, continue along the road on the left. The road climbs, and soon we will leave a shelter on the left. At the next junction, we turn left and pass next to another container fire prevention. From here we have a beautiful view of Es Canar and Tagomago Island. We continue and find another crossing-a path that climbs to the right to the highest point of Mount sa Torreta-, but we have to take the road on the left. Starts down sharply, and we can see stunning views across the east of the island.


Soon, we will reach a turnoff where the right hand side, we find a concrete path that we should not follow. Instead, we take the dirt road on the left. We went down to get to the part of the valley where the road becomes flatter and we can see both sides of olive trees and carob trees. We reach a point where the road forks, and we must take the right, rising by terraced fields. At this point, the left will find the remains of an old waterwheel water extraction. At the next junction we must take the path down to the left. A little later, we will find a large warehouse, which is the old water bottler Morna. We continue down and observe that the road is paved. We followed. At the first turnoff, we left the paved road and continue on the left, on a dirt road. We will pass through fields, where we can see olive trees.

At the next junction, we turned right. In this last crossing, we will reach a point where you can not go straight and in which we see a path to the right and one on the left; We take the right. We continue down this path a few meters to reach the next junction, which will go up by the way left to the right. We must follow the main road until the next turnoff, where we turn left. Follow the path, cross a small bridge and arrived at another crossroads, we saved down the road on the left, signposted as the Camí des Forn des Saig, marked mountain bike route No. 11. We continue down this dirt road pointing towards the mountains, and we will be surrounded by farmland.


We walked down the main road and delving between two mountains in a wooded stream, where we find another brand of MTB route number 11. Never leave this main road, so we will avoid all roads left. When we get to a junction with the left road concrete, we ignore it and continue going up on the right. We still see the marks of the BTT route number 11. In the next turnoff we find a poster Hunting Refuge Biological Estacio; We take the left path, also marked with the BTT route. We already detour off the main road, and on the left you will see a pine with a paint mark blue and green. Continue down this path, we passed several farms and little paths, but without straying from the BTT route.

The way by which we incorporated into another, and continue straight. See also marks the BTT route. Continue down this path, s'Almangena, up to the road to Sant Joan de sa Cala; we take the left. We went down a few meters to find a way to the right, precisely the same as we have taken at the beginning of the route. That path will lead us to our starting point: Sant Joan.