Discover Portinatx and lighthouse Moscarter hiking around the North of Ibiza

- Starting point → Playa des Portitxol

- Approximate time → 2.30 -3 hours

-Distance → 12.5 kilometers away

- Ramp → 65 meters height difference

- Points of interest → Lighthouse Moscarter

- Observations → suitable for almost all public route. You can not carry baby strollers.

We left the beach parking des Portitxol Portinatx, towards the lighthouse Moscarter, seen in the distance, leaving behind the beach. From the highest parking area and seeing the lighthouse face, we take the path to the right, hooked up to the cliff. We must follow the road along the coast between fallen by the wind and, later, we carefully along a narrow path of stone pines.

Always along the coast, we ignore the roads that penetrate inland. We arrived at the lighthouse, we left right and continue along the road to the left, close to the cliff and passing through a small door between two walls. We continue along the road next to the coast, leaving the lighthouse behind us. At this point we can enjoy the views of the pla de Ses Formigues and the islets of Ses Formigues. We follow the path and found a stream, down the slope and follow it until you reach a small cove cross to climb straight down a path that runs along a small stream. When we have gone up, we take a path marked by the Fites (stacked stone).


This is a very pebbly and the blurred road area, so we will be guided by the fitas stone and always parallel to the cliff. We follow the path up into the woods and come to another stream. We followed and we come out again on another rocky cove. We crossed the creek and follow the path, clearly clear, climbing a little. Once we have gone up, the trail continues parallel to the coast and perfectly marked by stone fitas.

At this point we have magnificent views of sa Talaia de Sant Vicent, ses Formigues and port de ses Caletes. The road continues towards Cala d'en Serra. We cross two stone walls. When we pass the second, we find the path down to the left of the Cala d'en Serra. We take this path on the right and left the creek behind us. A little later the road becomes asphalt. We followed him up to the road of Sant Joan, Sant Vicent cove and Portinatx. We have to take this road to the right, towards Portinatx, until a crossing. We take the path left right. We went down to the main street of Portinatx, and turn right to reach our starting point: the beach des Portitxol.