The truth is that it is full of caves Vedrà inaccessible, something that certainly does not seem to belong to this world

It is said that thousands of years ago, the majestic island of Vedra formed a single mass Ibiza. One day was separated and faced her as a fabulous stone sentinel. There are those who say they became a source of magnetic radiation that surrounds and protects while the entire island, giving it its aura of mystery. The truth is that it is full of caves Vedrà inaccessible, something that certainly does not seem to belong to this world. Many researchers, psychics and parapsychologists who have visited or have sailed its waters ensure that the island is an extraordinary energy accumulator, the style of the Egyptian pyramids, the stone circle of Stonehenge or the statues of Easter Island.

What we do is documented is that in one of those caves located in the highest part of the island, lived his spiritual retreats a Carmelite missionary, Father Francisco Palau (founder of the monastery of Carmelite Missionaries is Cubells, Sant Josep) . In one of the works he wrote numerous references to strange visions and sightings of 'ladies of light' and 'celestial beings' are.

In any case, it is Vedrà is also a center of interest in the theories that have been published, especially those relating to UFO sightings and the controversial 'triangle of silence'. Some suggest that the island could form, together with his' brother 'and equally impressive Ifach in Alicante and various islands of the southwest coast of Mallorca, a magnetic triangle, a "zone of silence' similar to the Bermuda Triangle. They say that in the waters of Es Vedra pigeons lose their sense of direction and do not know return to the dovecote.


In addition, there is evidence of sailors and fishermen who have seen strange objects pass or fly their craft, unique lights into or out of the waters ... Perhaps the most singular case is one of the most famous UFO case of Spain: The Manises case. Tenerife - On November 11, 1979, a commercial airliner the Palma de Mallorca route covered. Just when flying over the area of ​​Es Vedra, the plane had to deviate from its route and make an emergency landing at Valencia's Manises airport. The aircraft commander said that a strange object approached the ship at a distance and was "playing" with the plane up and down altitude for at least eight minutes, above the vertical island of Vedra.

If anything is clear it is that the islet of Es Vedra, which upright on the sea as prehistoric dinosaur, follows an enigmatic magic that surely will continue for many myths, legends and fantastic stories.