Ushuaïa ibiza launches an innovative festival concept: a center of creative activity that contrasts with the modern world itself.

Music, live art and performances will be perceived as if you were trying to live through a distorted lens, submerging yourself in that way in a radically conventional experience for Ibiza. "Who invited you here, I do not know who you are but I need your approval, I know the worst that can be." These words mark the course of what is DYSTOPIA, a new type of event launched by Ushuaia ibiza. There are no limits to DYSTOPIA, it is brutal and idealistic at the same time. It is an intense musical, artistic and free expression experience, delightfully surreal and captivating. Suddenly the sensations and perceptions to which we are accustomed, are transformed so that the world escapes from between the hands. Every Friday from June 1 to September 28, Ushuaia ibiza will radically modify its staging to turn it into a surreal world, full of visual curiosities and interactive experiences. Visual art will blend with musical art. The audience will be invited to explore their own creativity, and to be part of this sensory world, thus drawing their own eccentricities through their own style or in any way they want. DYSTOPIA presents an exceptional collection of performances that are on the front line of the contemporary electronic music scene. 'Wrong place, bad time, be there'.