Balloon flights are always performed at dawn, as the temperature is cooler and more stable wind. Before the sun rises, and depending on the wind direction, the burner inflates the balloon and... off it goes!

The tour lasts approximately 3 hours and includes:

Pick up at the hotel or meeting point flight (from 45 to 55 minutes due to the size of the island).

“Baptism of the Air” with champagne.

Breakfast and delivery of the Certificate of flight. Return to the hotel or meeting point.

Prices and options: Flight standard (shared with other passengers)

Adult 170 € per person

Children (6 to 12 years) 130 € per child, from 4 people 150 € per person

Exclusive flight just for two 500 €, total

  • Pick-up Points: Pick up at the hotel or meeting point Flight
  • Type: High emotion
  • Duration: 3 hours