Ibiza Marathon 12K Sta Eulalia

parallel 12 km  race completes the proposal of  Ibiza Marathon . We want that all running enthusiasts can experience the island in a different way, that they can watch their beautiful  sunset  wearing their trainers and enjoy a weekend full of  leisure  activities designed for them.

Ibiza12K  is an unprecedented race that will share its finish line with the Marathon. They will be located in Both  Santa Eulària des Riu  and will take place on They  Saturday the 6 th  of April 2019 . The route will pass through the most popular spots on the island and will allow you to run to the spectacular sunset over which is considered to be among the best in the world.

Running the 12,000 meters of this unique race will be completely different from running 10,000 meters, a distance that is more common in this kind of events. This is a great opportunity for  sports tourism  both if you travel with a group or as a companion.

The  Run and Feel  movement wants to reach more runners so that they can discover  Ibiza  for the first time or to rediscover it from a different perspective: running a distance which is not very demanding as the 42.195 meters of the marathon.


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