Are you looking for the best food in your area? It does not matter if you are looking for local, Spanish, French, Italian, Asian or fusion cuisine, there is a restaurant on this island for you, and you can find it here.

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Where to eat Tapas in Sta Eulalia , Ibiza

  Gastronomy plays a massive part in Ibiza and there are an abundance of food fiestas that happen in various parts of the island throughout the year in appreciation of the culinary delights Ibiza has to offer. Tapas are a huge part of Spanish culture and ar


  Ibizan cuisine is quite distinct from the traditional food served in mainland Spain. Although restaurants and bars in Ibiza serve traditional Spanish food as well, there are some restaurants that specialise in local, traditional Ibizan cuisine too.

Ibiza Events of Traditional Gastronomy

  Did you you know that Ibiza has many events all year long of Traditional Ibizan Gastronomy? #FoodFiesta by Ibiza Alist

Pride Month

  June is Pride month, a time when rejection of discrimination and violence against LGBT people is most intensely expressed, through numerous Pride parades all over the world.